Honda Civic

Mobile windshield repair & replacement on the Honda Civic in Roseville, CA

This is a before and after on a Honda Civic I did in Roseville on-top of the parking garage at Sutter Roseville Hospital in August 2018. It was the second time the windshield was replaced. I did not show it on the video but whoever did it the first time did not fully glue the windshield back into place. If you look at the video you will see that there is a second row of glue below the dash. This row did not have glue. Not Good

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Honda Civic Windshield Washer Fluid

 One of those things that you often don’t think about until its gone and you can’t see a thing.  At that point the only alternative is to stop at a gas station every few miles and hope they have a squeegee available with fresh cleaning solution.  Many times if you take your vehicle into a shop for regular maintenance, one of the services they offer is to have all of your fluids topped off, which should include your windshield washer fluid.  Make sure to check this if you have any doubts.  Some friends of mine recently relocated from a warmer part of the country to a colder part only to realize their repair shop had been topping off the windshield washer fluid reservoir with water which left them with a frozen reservoir and probably a broken windshield washer fluid pump.

Even if you live in a warm part of the country, or it’s the beginning of summer, you never know when you will find yourself in colder temperatures.  Many vehicles today have windshield washer fluid reservoirs that hold over a gallon of fluid.  With that much fluid it will take over 8 minutes of continuous spraying to empty the tank.  Assuming you spray your windshield a few times per week it would take between 8 and 14 months to empty your windshield washer fluid reservoir.  So you should always fill your reservoir with antifreeze windshield washer fluid to ensure you don’t find yourself with a frozen reservoir months down the road.

It is also important that the windshield washer fluid you choose is safe for the finishes and seals on your vehicle.  Too harsh of a chemical repeatedly being sprayed on your windshield seals, and the paint on the windshield frame, roof and hood of your car can cause ruin the rubber and fade the paint on your vehicle possibly even causing clear coat damage.  You’ll have a clean windshield but can cause expensive damage to the rest of your vehicle.

There is one product that I like that is safe and comes in an easy to store container. Prestone AS250 De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid is the best windshield washer fluid you can purchase that is safe for your car.  It is an industrial strength formula with the cleaning power you need that is safe to use in all seasons because it won’t harm the finishes or seals on your vehicle and prevents washer system freeze ups.