The Lincoln Jumps were a unique and dangerous method of mining used in the early days of the California Gold Rush. Located in California, the Lincoln Mine was one of the most productive mines in the area, producing millions of dollars' worth of gold.

But what made the Lincoln Mine stand out from other mines was the method used by its miners to retrieve gold nuggets from the mine shaft. According to local legend, the miners would jump into the mine shaft and swim through the water to the bottom, where they would collect gold nuggets that had been washed down from the surface. This process was known as the "Lincoln Jumps."

The Lincoln Jumps were a highly risky method of mining, and many miners were injured or killed while attempting to retrieve gold in this way. Despite the dangers, the Lincoln Jumps were a popular method of mining for many years, and helped to make the Lincoln Mine one of the most successful mines in the Rocklin area.

The Lincoln Jumps are now a part of Rocklin's rich history, and serve as a reminder of the bravery and determination of the miners who risked their lives to strike it rich during the Gold Rush. Today, the Lincoln Mine is a popular tourist attraction, and visitors can learn about the history of the mine and the dangerous method of mining known as the Lincoln Jumps.

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